Who Qualifies For Golden Visa In Portugal?

Who Qualifies For Golden Visa In Portugal?

The Golden Visa program was launched in 2012 as a way to attract foreign investment. However, not everyone qualifies. It’s not just open to EU citizens, but it’s open to investors and commercial property owners who have a bank account in Portugal. Several other factors will affect your application for a golden visa in Portugal.

Non-EU citizens over the age of 18

The Portuguese golden visa is a special visa that enables non-EU citizens to invest in the country and obtain residency in Portugal. This visa is a great way to invest in the country, and it will allow you to bring your family with you. In addition to your spouse, you can also bring your dependent children or parents, as well as your underage siblings. Portugal has a stable economy and is a safe place to invest and live.


An investor can apply for a golden visa in Portugal without residing in the country. The process involves submitting biometric data and original documents. The SEF will record these details in its electronic register and issue a confirmation document. The investor and his family can then apply for a residence permit card. However, they cannot leave the country until their residence permit cards have been approved by the SEF.

Commercial property owners

Commercial property owners can enjoy a golden visa in Portugal if they have commercial property. This type of property includes hotels, office buildings, and touristic apartments. The investor does not have to live in the property permanently, but he or she can rent it out for most of the year or live there as needed.

Investors with a bank account in Portugal

Investors with a bank account in Portugal are eligible for the golden visa if they have the appropriate documentation and are planning to invest in Portugal. These documents must be issued within 90 days of the online application. They must be notarized, translated, and legalized. Non-residents should seek the advice of a lawyer who will assist them in collecting the documents and preparing the application.

The golden visa is a popular way to invest in Portugal, but it has certain restrictions. Investments must be at least EUR350, 000. Until January 2022, investors could invest EUR350, 000 in Portugal property. After that date, they would have to invest a total of EUR500, 000, which is higher than the minimum amount of EUR350, 000.