Shams Business Setup Guide For Beginners

Shams Business Setup Guide For Beginners

SHAMS Free Zone offers an excellent opportunity to invest in the startup world. The free zone, located just 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport, allows foreign owners to establish limited liability companies. This allows them to form corporate hierarchies and repatriate profits. They also don’t have to pay personal or corporate taxes. And you don’t need to put down any up-front deposits to start a business in the zone. If you are considering a shams business setup, you will need to follow the steps to form a company in the free zone.

Investing in shams free zone:

SHAMS free zone offers various license options to accommodate various business needs. These include industrial, holding, and service licenses. Each license allows you to conduct business in a variety of industries. Additionally, SHAMS provides round-the-clock support for its registered companies. This is very beneficial in maintaining employee satisfaction levels. These services also help you focus on building your organization.

Company licenses:

Getting a shams company license for beginners in UAE is relatively easy. You can do it online, and the documents you must submit are verifiable online. It is also beneficial for the international acceptance of the documents. Moreover, UAE government has made it easy to open a new business in UAE, and you can get started as soon as possible.

Company formation process:

Starting a SHAMS company is easy and hassle-free. This UAE-free zone has a low-barrier-to-entry regime and is a great place for a small businesses with no physical presence in UAE. Once registered, you can import and export goods and services without limitations. In addition, you can establish a corporate hierarchy and repatriate profits. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay corporate or personal taxes. You can even open a SHAMS company with no up-front deposit.

Company registration in the free zone:

Companies can register in the Shams Free Zone in UAE. This particular jurisdiction has been attracting the brightest minds worldwide with its community-centric approach to development. Companies registered in the zone will enjoy limited liability and can be 100% foreign-owned. Furthermore, they won’t have to pay corporate or personal tax, and the registration process is fast and easy. In addition, investors can obtain up to six visas in a short period.