Find Out About the Health Benefits of Raw Wild Foods

The raw food movement today is russian food store gaining popularity across a wider and wider spectrum of society. Raw wild food is more specific and probably is not as high up on the radar for most people.

Many people are interested in foraging., Foraging is the art of collecting and eating the edible plants that grow wild. Some varieties of wild fish and meat can be eaten raw. There are a lot of wild foods that not edible raw so they must be cooked.

There is an important reason why foods are eaten raw, including wild foods. When you cook food above certain temperatures you lose a large portion of the inherent nutrition as well as the enzymes and other active compounds and ingredients. They get cooked out. People who choose to eat exclusively raw diets are interested in getting all the health promoting benefits of the foods raw with nothing lost to cooking.

Wild edible raw foods can come from the forest, the rainforest, the prairie, the ocean, the beach, and even the city. Although you must be careful in the city areas due to human environmental pollution. When foraging for wild foods it is best to choose your harvesting location carefully, away from large scale human activity.

It takes some education to effectively hunt down and harvest wild food that is safe to eat raw. There are a lot of wild foods that are poisonous or semi poisonous and should be avoided. Making sure you know what you are doing when you forage in the wild is critical to having a good experience.

There are wild foods that can be eaten in most locations including locally to where you may live. If you live in a big city you may need to venture out into the country before you will want to eat the wild food near you.

Miners lettuce, a variety of berries, wild parsley, mushrooms, sea weeds and other ocean vegetables, some kinds of calms, oysters, fish and other forms of wild sea life can all be eaten raw. If you plan to forage for wild foods on your own, do your homework and get a good field guide.

Raw wild edible foods can be very high in all kinds of nutrients, antioxidants and all the general nutrition needed for human health. Foods that are wild grown are exactly as nature intended and are some of the very best foods on Earth.

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